Supplying underserved demographics with motivational resources to break their chains and unlock their potential.

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Breaking Chains Foundation supplies underserved demographics with motivational resources to break their chains and unlock their potential.

In October of 2018, author and motivational speaker, Blake B. Shelley was on a quest to inspire and empower communities around the world with his book Breaking Chains. While meeting with community leaders, Blake realized that his message of Breaking Chains would help those who are currently incarcerated gain freedom from the cycle of recidivism and provide the skills to set goals and execute plans. This paved the way for the formation of Breaking Chains Foundation and the launch of our Prison Initiative.

Blake Shelley and the founding board of directors are committed to serving marginalized demographics by providing them with coaching and motivational resources, specifically books from the Breaking Chains series.



The Need

With overcrowded state correctional facilities and recidivism rates exceeding 75%, Breaking Chains Foundation aims to assist in the reduction of the recidivism rate within the United States. This section provides data on the inmate population and the recidivism rates for the state of Oregon, as well as nationwide.

Oregon Statistics

  • Inmate Population as of 1/1/2018 – 14,713
  • Average Age of Inmates…………………. 39 years old
  • Median Length of Stay………..64 months (excluding inmates who have a life, no parole, or death sentence)
Oregon Recidivism Rates (2013)

Re-incarcerated for a new felony crime

Convicted of a new misdemeanor or felony crime

Arrested for a new crime

Source: Oregon Department of Corrections Quick Facts 2/1/2018

US National Statistics

  • Inmate Population as of 2017 – 1,489,597 
    • Federal – 183,261
    • State – 1,306,336
Recidivism Rates 2005-2014 in 30 States

Arrested within 3 years of release.

Arrested within 6 years of release.

Arrested within 9 years of release.

Sources: People in Prison in 2017 – of Justice Statistics (BJS)


Breaking Chains Foundation will fulfill their mission by partnering with Blake Shelley International LLC to provide books, as well as motivational speaking and coaching services, at little or no charge to the recipient. Although our primary focus is the correctional system, recipients may also include, but aren’t limited to, schools, disability services, and religious organizations, at the discretion of the board of directors.

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